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Randall's Grocery Store - Good Neighbor Program

Randall's rebates 1% of the total purchases made by ACBL Unit 174 members, family or supporters to ACBL Unit 174.

How do ACBL Members or Supporters Participate:

To participate in the rebate program you will need the following two items:

  1. Randall's Remarkable Card
  2. Good Neighbor Program Application.

Randall's Remarkable Card

  1. If you don’t have a Randall's Remarkable Card it can be at obtained at no cost at any Randall's Checkout Station or Courtesy Booth.
  2. If you already have a Randall's Remarkable Card then you are set to go. You use your current Remarkable Card; you do not need to get a new card to participate in the program.

Randall's Good Neighbor Program Applications

  1. Good Neighbor Program Applications are available at the Courtesy Station of your neighborhood Randall's.
  2. Unit 174 also plans to have the Good Neighbor Program Applications available at the Hospitality Desk during our upcoming tournaments.
  3. When you complete the Good Neighbor Program Applications you will need your Remarkable Card Number and you must also include the Unit I74 Charity # 8468 in the block marked charity number.
  4. Take your completed application to the Randall's Courtesy Booth.
  5. Randall's will take it from there and process the application for you.
  6. What if a customer already has his or her Remarkable card linked to an organization, but then decides to change it? The customer can change his or her designated organization at any time simply by indicating the account number to add or delete using a Remarkable Card application and returning it to the Courtesy Booth.